One of the most important things for a tour is organising the bar for the post match drinks. The second is the playing strip.

Ensuring the fine specimens that line up for the Mudchooks look the part is not something trivial, plenty of time is spent with long and detailed discussions about the tonal requirements of a close nit and cohesive team, this eventually gives way to the psychology of certain colour combinations over the desire for the strip to match the latest boots. Finally we realise we have spent far too long procrastinating and just order the Number 7, hope it looks OK and keep drinking.

In keeping with the spirit of the Mudchooks, I am please to unveil the Phuket International 10s 2012 Mudchooks playing strip:

Off-field the team won’t look like riff-raff* getting to and from the venue sporting these stylish tour polos:

As a final touch, both the Jerseys and the tour polos will have special edition logos commemorating the first appearance of the mighty Mudchooks outside Australia:

Look-out Phuket…

*We may actually still look like riff-raff.



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